GatorVaults x RugDoc AMA

Looking for the best yield farm that has use real case and a gold standard audit? Look no further than GatorVaults. Join us in this snappy AMA!

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Let me tell you about a little “mistake” I made.

It all started when a friend gave me what would be my most cherished gift…

Not a fancy gift card, or Playstation, or even those tasty chocolates when I was a kid—but a USB stick miner.

Immediately, I started mining what would be life-changing amounts of bitcoin… IF I actually HODL’ed them.

No, I did the opposite. My motto was to spend as much bitcoin as possible. After all… It was nearly-free money, right?

Now, most people would regret what I did.

But I think differently.

One of my biggest goals in life is to increase global crypto adoption so we can all taste financial freedom.

And it won’t happen if we just HODL bitcoin forever.

Adoption through actually using crypto is the key if we are to achieve a financially free world. Because even if you had 100 bitcoin, but you never spent it…

Are you really “rich”?

Not Your Average Developers

I am Andreas Muller, a full stack developer with almost 20 years of coding experience.

With my team of 5 skilled developers, we have a combined experience of 100+ years in the industry.

Here’s some of the work we’ve done (that you may be familiar with):

  • Worked with big tech companies like Google, Yahoo, and Amazon
  • Developed applications on Gochain, Iovlabs (formerly known as Rsk), Credits blockchain, and Ethereum (among others)
  • Developed autopilot systems for airplanes

We aren’t the “new kids” on the block, but the “old kids” on the block.


I like to call our team the NaviGATORS.

We sail through the sea of shady, get-rich-quick schemes to find the LEGIT projects.

Unfortunately, since we’ve been following DeFi at the start of 2021…

We didn’t find very many.

After Pancakeswap was born on BSC, swarms of farms entered the scene, each one copy-pasting their code from one another (and often done terribly).

A FullSail clone. A Goose rip-off. A Jiggly fork. All with a chance to fall victim to an exploit or rug.

Russian roulette, anyone?

Just another Goose Fork on the Binance Smart Chain
You know which ones I’m talking about.

Even ROI DApps that were supposed to give you 10% a day were just ponzi schemes painted over with colorful graphics.

All these shady projects existed just so devs could make a quick buck.

And people fell for it.

So one day while having an everyday Scrum with the team, I had a realization: We loved to work with decentralized applications.

DeFi gave us that “fire” and fuel to get ourselves out of bed in the morning (no need for coffee!!), so it was only natural that we focus entirely on DeFi.

So I dropped the idea:

“Let’s make our own project.”

After some careful planning, we decided to make our farm stand out above the rest, using a “combined model” (I’ll talk about that later).

Our “Baby” Gator Was Born

Our first farm we launched was GatorSwap on the BSC.

When GatorSwap launched, it started growing faster than weeds on a hot summer day.

Since this was our first project, we were lucky to reach a TVL (total value locked) of 28 million USD by day one.

And it was all thanks to our amazing community!

However, after that first day, the market took a crap from its all-time-highs.

And, unfortunately, our token took a hit with it.

As an inflationary farm token, we were unable to control the price. But then we had a second thought…

What if we had a quality use case for our token?

And so the evolution of our “combined model” began. We released the NFT marketplace where everyone can mint (for free!) any kind of NFT and sell or trade it using our native token as payment.

And it was a hit!

On the day of release, we stopped our token emissions and Gator officially became a deflationary token with a use case. Our token holders got rewarded as they now had a way to use the native token.

Gator wasn’t just a useless token to throw away anymore. Our community members are holding a token that only can go up in value when the NFT hype returns.

The Era of GatorVaults

We didn’t end there.

How could we give our community even more use cases so they could earn MORE money?

We explored several ways…

And we concluded that the vault is the best way to make money.

What is a vault, you ask?

For those that don’t know, in a vault, people stake tokens in pairs that auto compound. For example, let’s say you stake CAKE and BNB.

This is normal for farms, but the difference is that whenever a vault “autocompounds” (in other words, automatically harvesting and re-staking your CAKE and BNB), the vault collects a fee. 

This fee gets re-distributed to the vault’s token holders.

So it’s a win-win situation for all:

  • Users who deposit in the native Gator vault gets awarded with BNB, and
  • Users who deposit in other vaults save on compounding fees since it’s autocompounded (in some cases they can save over 10 BUSD per day!)

In our quest to find the most battle-tested and most secure code, we have explored high and low and eventually settled on Beefy.Finance’s contracts.

We worked closely with them, made some adjustments, and completed an audit with the gold standard of audits, Paladin.

In our audit period, we discovered several severe faults that put our contract’s security in danger.

Luckily, though, we worked hard to fix those errors. Our final report is now available on our website, which highlights just how secure our contracts are now.

We believe that at the moment, GatorVaults is the safest project to ever exist on the Binance Smart Chain.

Say Hello to The Future

Our Vaults are our golden solution to a safer, scam-free, lucrative project.

Say goodbye to scam farms and -50% ROI DApps, and say hello to GatorVaults! With GatorVaults, you’re getting:

  • The SAFEST project, ever. Security is our #1 priority, with gold-standard audits by Paladin and smart contract checks
  • The LONG-TERM place to park your stablecoins and tokens to make gains (we’ll be constantly innovating and evolving!)
  • The EASIEST way to earn, with set-it-and-forget-it autocompounding that allows you to receive hustle-free money… Even while sipping piña coladas at the beach

Just buy our native token and earn free BNB—or, use your own token pair—, sit back, and enjoy the profits!

In this future, we want you by our side.

We want you to be part of our family and a token holder that will vote for the future of GatorVaults.

Got Questions?

We realize this is a lot to take in, but remember: We’re here for you!

We will be happy to answer any question you have.

Submit your questions here.

To make sure your time is truly valued, we will do a random drawing of up to 10 users that will receive 100 BUSD.

In addition, 1 selected question will receive 1000 BUSD!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our Telegram group for more details, or join our Presale on this page!

I hope to welcome you to the Gator family soon.

Signing off,



🟢 For owners who have made impactful changes and would like an update to their farm review:

1️⃣ Use #update at @RugDocChat with your description and proof of changes and it will be forwarded to our scanners.

2️⃣ This does not guarantee a change in your review.

3️⃣ Owners who have difficulty solving the issues can consider our Consultation Package – please contact @BaymaxCrypto on Telegram to discuss.

Our mission here at RugDoc is to screen for hard rug code that results in 100% theft of ALL underlying funds for ALL participants.

This is the ONE part of the due diligence process that most people cannot simply do on their own as it costs thousands of dollars to hire a senior solidity developer to look over a farm for safety.

A project coin with terrible code can go up in price, and a project with good code and a good team can also go down in price.

Do NOT use our ratings to refer to your likelihood in making money if you invest in the project. They are ONLY in reference to code safety.

Everything else beyond code safety is YOUR responsibility to go do research on. We just make sure the casino you’re betting in won’t rob you before you even get to place a bet.

Our reviews for projects are organized into a few colors.

🟢 Least Risk
These projects are the least likely to hard or soft rug. Usually reserved for cornerstone projects of an ecosystem where it makes no financial sense for them to rug in any manner as they make more money just being legit.

🔵 Low Risk
These projects are usually established projects in an ecosystem that have a track record of success or have KYC’d to us or other authoritative sources in the real world. As a result, it is extremely unlikely for them to soft rug or hard rug their projects. The projects can still fail and the token price can go down, but usually more as a result of natural market forces.

⚪️ Some Risk
This is the default rating for projects with unknown teams but have code that is unlikely to have hard rug risk. Since the team is unknown and doesn’t have a track record of success, it’s entirely possible that they may try to soft rug by dumping tokens, abandoning the project, etc. Even a last minute contract swap to a malicious contract is possible. The only thing that is unlikely is a complete hard rug as long as you are 100% sure you deposit into the contract we review.

🟠 Medium Risk
Similar to Some Risk, but the underlying code itself is custom enough or complex enough that it warrants an elevated risk rating that needs deeper research. Make sure you read every point presented to make sure you’re comfortable with that before entering. Still unlikely to hard rug, but more chances of custom code behaving incorrectly and causing other issues.

🔴 High Risk
Project contains code or practices that are HIGHLY LIKELY to lead to catastrophic losses as they are right now. Make sure you read the description carefully as we will always warn what these issues are. If you see the words Hard Rug anywhere in the review, STAY FAR AWAY!

⚫️ Not Eligible
We reserve the right to not review exceedingly complex projects that would require tens of thousands of dollars of senior security analyst man hours. Typically these are projects that deal with leverage, lending, options, derivatives, and anything that is overly complex and which requires tons of peer reviews and audits from top audit companies.